We thought smoking was bad cell phone radiation might be worse.

What is all this hype about cell phone radiation?

Almost eachbody in the world uses a cell phone. The cell telephones make use of microwave in order to talk. Cell phone radiation can cause severe hazards. The biggest concern is that the bad effect is not seen in any users instantaneously. The effect behappens quite prominent in the long run. The duration after which individuals may suffer from chronic diseases can be of 3 to four years.

Cell phone radiation

How cell phone radiation can affect?

young children are the highest risky group

The risk lies in the absorption rate of the radiation. According to studied, children are prone to absorb the radiation twice as that of adults. School kids are now-a-days making use of cell phones which can bring about quite dangerous diseases for them.

Heart can be in danger

The radiation absorbed from the cell mobile phones can lead to heart diseases in future. The pace maker of our body completely regulates the function of the heart. The bit rate of the heart is decided by the pace maker. With the radiation from the cell phone the functionality of the pace maker gets affected. Since pace maker is related to heart hence the heart failure can be imminent with the use of cell phone.

It can cause cancer

The radiation that willcome out of cell phones is believed to be carcinogenic in dynamics which can cause cancer in the long run.

Your rhythm can be abnormal

Because of right rhythm in our body our mind and nerves function suitablely but with the use of cell phone changes are observed in the rhythm of the body which leads to different diseases in the body.

DNA change can takeplace and can be detrimental to women in pregnancy

With the radiation there may happen DNA change in the body. Especially the pregnant women are thoughtof as the most risky group as the radiation put halt on the growth of the tissue of the newborn babies.

You can't live without cell telephones because you won't have to

Safety measures

There is texting facility in every cell phone

people can make use of texting facility in the phone to stay away from the achievable hazards.

You can well stay away from cell phone radiation

There is loud speaker in every cell phone and apart from that you can make use of Bluetooth and wireless headphones in order to reduce the radiation effect potentially.

Use of Cell phones should be completely stopped at occasions when it is hard to get tower in the phone

Cell phone radiation level goes to its maximum when there is limited community availability. For instance if you are travelling in a train or in any vehicle the cell telephones keep on searching for towers leading to high radiation. It is wise to stop making use of the cell telephones Although travelling.

The best practice is to rely on internet phones and land phones with cords

It is better to use the land mobile phones with cords. But it is far greater to use internet telephones so as to get rid of radiation.

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Cell phone radiation


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